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Dr. Mais Aljunaidy
Lecturer — Psychology
THH 226
phone: (512) 245-6253

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Dr. Mais Aljunaidy is from Edmonton/Canada. Dr. Aljunaidy is a physician and has a PhD in Human Physiology. Her research is multidisciplinary. She recently published multiple papers about how the interior design of living space can affect peoples’ mental health. Dr. Aljunaidy favorite class to teach is Psychopathology (Abnormal Psychology). Her clinical experience and knowledge allow her to show case a lot of case studies and real-life scenarios that make the course practical and enjoyable for students.

Research Interests

- People and mental health in academia.
- How architectural design and interior design can affect people behavior, performance and mental health.

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Aljunaidy, M., & Adi, M. N. (2023). The Impact of Familiar Implementation and Unusual Artistic Implementation of Recycled Materials in Building Design on People’s Experience and Mental Health. Bodrum Journal of Art and Design, 2(1), 118–127.
  • Adi, M. N., & Aljunaidy, M. (2022). Early Career Researchers; Network of Networks (ECR NoN).
  • Adi, M. N., & Aljunaidy, M. (2022).
  • Bostenaru Dan, M., Angelache, M., Aljunaidy, M., & Adi, M. N. (2022).
  • Bostenaru Dan, M., Angelache, M., Aljunaidy, M., & Adi, M. N. (2022).

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Best Poster Presentation Award, Marie Curie Alumni Association Conference, Lisbon. March 2022

Selected Grants

  • Aljunaidy, Mais. Research project leaders meeting in Trondheim, Norway - Travel award, $1700. (Submitted: 2022, Funded: 2022). Grant.
  • Aljunaidy, Mais. Researcher Mental Health Workshop in Grenoble, France - Travel Award, $2000. (Submitted: 2022, Funded: 2022). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Future Earth Assembly
Inclusive Excellence Committee
I am the leader of the WG2 ReMO Survey SIG European Core Project (the largest multi-level and multi-country survey on Researcher Mental Health), Horizon 2020 funded project, European Union.
Faculty meetings
Future Earth Assembly Meeting