Faculty Profile for Dr. Kevin Miller

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Dr. Kevin Miller
Professor — Dept of Health & Human Performance
JOW A151
phone: (512) 245-2951

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Miller, K. C., & Amaria, N. Y. (n.d.). Body bag cooling with two different water temperatures for the treatment of hyperthermia. Aerosp Med Hum Perform.
  • Miller, K. C., McDermott, B., Yeargin, S., Fiol, A., & Schwellnus, M. (2022). An evidence-based review of the pathophysiology, treatment, and prevention of exercise associated muscle cramps, 57, 5–15.
  • Koenig, F., Miller, K. C., O’Connor, P., & Amaria, N. (2022). Body anthropometrics and rectal temperature cooling rates in hyperthermic women, 57, 464–469.
  • Miller, K. C., & Amaria, N. Y. (2022). Excellent rectal temperature cooling rates in the Polar Life Pod consistent with stationary tubs, 58, 244–251.
  • Szymanski, M., Miller, K. C., O’Connor, P., Hildebrandt, L. A., & Umberger, L. (2022). Sweat characteristics in individuals with varying susceptibilities to exercise associated muscle cramps, 36, 1171–1176.

Selected Grants

  • Alvesteffer, Olivia, Gremel, Megan, Daoust, Abigail, Miller, Kevin C. Falmouth Road Race Research, CMU Athletic Training Program, $1500. (Funded: August 2022). Grant.
  • Miller, Kevin C. Validity and Reliability of Predictive Wear Garments, Predictive Wear LLC, Private / Foundation / Corporate, $190000. (Submitted: October 2022, Funded: October 9, 2022 - December 31, 2023). Grant.
  • Miller, Kevin C. Cooling Rates of the Polar Life Pod and Immersion Tub, Polar Products, Inc., Private / Foundation / Corporate, $97847. (Submitted: July 21, 2021, Funded: July 23, 2021 - May 14, 2022). Grant.
  • Miller, Kevin C (Principal). Premier Display Grant., Other, Institutional (Higher Ed), $800. (Submitted: 2020, Funded: 2020 - 2021). Grant.
  • Zickmund, Courtney (Principal), Miller, Kevin C. Validity of sweat rate estimates using various durations of exercise, Other, Institutional (Higher Ed), $500. (Funded: April 2020 - May 2021). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

South Padre Athletic Training Seminar Planning Committee
January 2024-Present
Reviewer / Referee
December 2023-Present
COE Principal Investigator Working Group
November 2023-Present
University Principal Investigators Council
November 2023-Present
College of Education Review Committee
November 2023-Present