Faculty Profile for Dr. Anurag Deb

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Dr. Anurag Deb
Lecturer — Finance & Economics
MCOY 504
phone: (512) 245-2011

Biography Section

Biography and Education

I completed my Ph.D. from the Department of Economics, at Oklahoma State University in 2021. My research area is primarily Development Economics. I also have a keen interest in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Labor Economics, and Regional and Urban Economics. My current research covers topics in Gender, Child-nutrition, Immigration, Education, Technology adoption, and regional development.

Teaching Interests

I am interested in teaching both undergraduate as well as post-graduate level courses in Economics. Specifically, I am interested in teaching Microeconomics and its applied fields since it is closer to my area of research. I also enjoy teaching Macroeconomics since I get to learn something new each time. As a longer-term goal, I am interested in teaching courses on Intermediate Microeconomics Development Economics, and international economics.

Going by my experience and articulate abilities I feel I can design and teach higher-level courses.

Research Interests

I am keen to do noteworthy research in the field of Applied Microeconomics research. I have a keen interest in Gender, Education, and Health issues. Development Economics shares have significant overlap with Agricultural economics and thus my work covers certain important topics in Agricultural Economics.

I also share an acute interest in the area of Regional and Urban Economics which is a growing and important segment of Applied Microeconomic works. My objective is to diversify my research portfolio in order to have greater outreach in academia. Presently I am working on issues related to climate change, child malnutrition, food insecurity and price effects for vulnerable economies.

One of my ambitious projects is dealing with the effects of census re-districting on policymaking process in the United States.

My works are published in peer-reviewed journals. I am collaborating with my colleagues and advisor for research projects.

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Deb, A. (2022). xposure to agricultural technologies and adoption: The West Africa agricultural productivity program in Ghana, Senegal and Mali.
  • Deb, A. (2021). Impact of the Indian “demonetization” policy on its export performance.