Faculty Profile for Lino Raul Guajardo

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Lino Raul Guajardo
Doctoral Research Assistant — Mathematics
Doctoral Teaching Assistant — Mathematics
phone: (512) 245-4614

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Melhuish, K. M., Lew, K. M., Hicks, M. D., Guajardo, L. R., Dawkins, P. C., & Morey, S. (2023). Proving, Analyzing, and Deepening Understanding of a Structural Property in Abstract Algebra. In Sharing and Storing Knowledge about Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics An Introduction to a Written Genre for Sharing Lesson-specific Instructional Knowledge (pp. 129–140). Washington, D.C., United States of America: Mathematics Association of America. Retrieved from https://maa.org/sites/default/files/pdf/pubs/books/members/NTE95_web.pdf
  • Melhuish, K. M., Guajardo, L. R., Dawkins, P. C., Zolt, H. M., & Lew, K. M. (2023). The Role of Quotient Group Meanings in a Theorem and Proof Comprehension Task. Educational Studies in Mathematics.
  • Melhuish, K. M., Wrightsman, E. M., Weber, K., & Guajardo, L. R. (n.d.). A Preliminary Investigation of the Language of Proof in Mathematical Textbooks. In RUME.
  • Guajardo, L. R., & Lew, K. M. (n.d.). Connecting Proof Comprehension with the Student Perspective: The Case of Christy. In RUME Conference Proceedings.
  • Melhuish, K. M., Guajardo, L. R., Contreras, N., Dawkins, P. C., Diaz-Lopez, A., Garcia, R., … Winger, A. (n.d.). Opposing Dimensions in Mathematicians’ Counter Narratives Written for Undergraduate Students. In RUME Conference Proceedings.