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Haley R King
Lecturer — Mathematics
MCS 460

Biography Section

Biography and Education

I am a lecturer for the Department of Mathematics.I am currently a PhD student in Mathematics Education. I received my Masters of Pure Mathematics from Texas State University with a minor in Adult Education and my Bachelor's in Pure Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Teaching Interests

I am interested in undergraduate level mathematics, specifically calculus related content. I particularly care about exploring student thinking, concept image, the alignment of content knowledge and mathematization.

Research Interests

My research interests for my Masters degree included the application of differential equations to the field of capillarity, particularly the study of multiple fluids at rest. Currently, I am undertaking a Doctoral degree in Mathematics Education. My research interest currently involve how students construct knowledge and create models, particularly in the setting of undergraduate mathematics education.

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Nominee: Excellence in Teaching Lecturer Level, Mathematics Department. October 25, 2019 - December 6, 2019

Selected Service Activities

College Algebra Teaching Forum
January 2020-Present
Precalculus Teaching Forum
August 2018-Present
Mathematics Education Seminar
August 2016-Present
Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar
January 2015-Present