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Dr. Thomas M Keller
Professor — Mathematics
MCS 557
phone: (512) 245-3735

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Thomas Michael Keller received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Mainz (Germany) and is a Professor of Mathematics. His research is in finite group theory with a focus on the orbit structure of linear group actions.

Research Interests

Finite Group Theory is a fundamental and highly active field of research within mathematics and has ramifications throughout all of mathematics and the sciences. It is at the core of understanding symmetry - one of the most beautiful and intriguing notions of nature and the world of ideas.

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Hung, N. N., Keller, T. M., & Yang, Y. (2021). A lower bound for the number of odd-degree representations of a finite group. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 298, 1559–1572.
  • Keller, T. M., & Moreto, A. (2024). Prime divisors and the number of conjugacy classes of finite groups. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 176(1), 1–16.
  • Huang, Z., Keller, T. M., Kissinger, S., Plotnick, W., Roma, M., & Yang, Y. (2024). A classification of the prime graphs of pseudo-solvable groups. Journal of Group Theory, 27(1), 89–117.
  • Keller, T. M., & Yang, Y. (2023). Regular and p-regular orbits of solvable linear groups, II. Algebra Colloquium, 30, 301–304.
  • Keller, T. M., Lv, H., Qian, G., & Yang, D. (2023). Minimal orbit sizes in nilpotent group actions. Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, 22(7).

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Research Excellence Award, Department of Mathematics, Texas State University. 2021
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Selection of an article to be "presented for free download on the journal's website", Editorial Board of the journal "Archiv der Mathematik". December 2021
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Teaching Award of Honor, Texas State Alumni Assiciation. June 2020
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Faculty Developmental Leave to visit the Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, China. 2018
  • Award / Honor Recipient: College of Science and Engineering Achievement Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities, College of Science and Engeneering, Texas State University. August 2017

Selected Grants

  • Morey, Susan (Principal), Keller, Thomas M (Co-Principal). Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site in Mathematics, NSF, Federal, $36000. (Funded: 2001). Grant.
  • Yang, Yong (Principal), Keller, Thomas M (Co-Principal), Sun, Shuying (Supporting), Zhao, Qiang (Supporting), Dochtermann, Anton (Supporting), Oh, Suho (Supporting). REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, and Statistics, NSF, Federal, $305417. (Submitted: August 2021, Funded: March 1, 2022 - February 28, 2025). Grant.
  • Keller, Thomas M. Online Resource Grant, Alkek Library, $17500. (Funded: March 2013). Grant.
  • Keller, Thomas M. Grant of the Research Enhancement Program at Texas State for Summer 2012, $8000. (Submitted: October 2011, Funded: July 2012). Grant.
  • Keller, Thomas M. Grant of the Research Enhancement Program at Texas State for Summer 2010, $8000. (Funded: October 2009). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Reviewer / Referee
Quasigroups and Related Systems
Reviewer / Referee
Journal of Symbolic Computation
Reviewer / Referee
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Society
Reviewer / Referee
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
Reviewer / Referee
Open Mathematics (deGruyter)