Faculty Profile for Dr. In-Hyouk Song

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Dr. In-Hyouk Song
Associate Professor — Department of Engineering Technology
RFM 4217
phone: (512) 245-4123

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Song, I.-H. (n.d.). Impact of Polishing Pad Patterns on Cu Arc Scratching during CMP Process. International Journal of Engineering Research & Innovation.
  • Howard, K. A., Hwang, S. S., You, B. H., & Song, I.-H. (2023). Design of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) for Enhanced Mass-Loading Effect Resonant Sensing. 2023 Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE2023-120238.
  • Chakraborty, R., Mohapoo, R., Song, I.-H., Oh, H.-J., & Yeon, J. H. (2023). An Electrical Heating Technique for Environmentally Friendly Winter Maintenance of Transportation Infrastructure. UKC 2023.
  • Nguyen, K., Bryant, M., Song, I.-H., You, B. H., & Khaleghian, S. (2022). The Application of PVDF-Based Piezoelectric Patches in Energy Harvesting from Tire Deformation. Sensors, 22(24), 9995. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.3390/s22249995
  • Bae, G., Park, T., & Song, I.-H. (2022). Surface Modification of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) by Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation and IPA Rinsing. Micromachines, 13, 1952. https://doi.org/10.3390/mi13111952

Selected Grants

  • Hwang, Sangchul Scott (Principal), Song, In-Hyouk (Co-Principal), Ji, Chang (Co-Principal), Mandal, Sujata (Co-Principal). Climate impact on resiliency and safety of in-situ remediation for recalcitrant contaminants, Department of Energy, Federal, $350000. (Submitted: July 2023, Funded: January 2024 - January 2025). Grant.
  • Hwang, Sangchul Scott (Principal), Song, In-Hyouk (Co-Principal), Ji, Chang (Co-Principal). Sustainable, Safe, and Climate Resilient Remediation Site Operations, Department of Energy, Federal, $319856. (Submitted: August 2022, Funded: 2023 - 2024). Grant.
  • Yeon, Jung Heum (Principal), Ozbakkaloglu, Togay (Co-Principal), Hwang, Sangchul (Co-Principal), Song, In-Hyouk (Co-Principal). Development of IoT-Based Snow Removal System for Preemptive Response to Heavy Snow and Black Ice, Seoul Institute of Technology (SIT), International, $326551. (Funded: September 2021 - December 2023). Grant.
  • Ameri, Farhad, Khaleghian, Seyedmeysam (Co-Principal), Tate, Jitendra S (Supporting), Trueba, Luis (Supporting), You, Byoung Hee (Supporting), Song, In-Hyouk (Supporting), Jimenez, Jesus (Supporting), Chen, Heping (Supporting), Emami, Anahita (Supporting). REU Site: Multidisciplinary Research Experience in Advance Manufacturing for Undergraduates, National Science Foundation (NSF), Federal, $396737. (Funded: May 1, 2021 - August 1, 2024). Grant.
  • You, Byoung Hee (Principal), Khaleghian, Seyedmeysam (Co-Principal), Song, In-Hyouk (Co-Principal), Kim, Namwon (Co-Principal). Real-time morning and energy harvesting from a tire deformation using piezoelectric materials, Yeongcheon City, Gyeongbuk Techno Park, $41900. (Funded: January 2020 - Present). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Interim ET Program Coordinator
Engineering Technology
August 2023-Present
Master's Comprehensive Exam Committee
April 24, 2023-Present
College Curriculum Committee
August 2021-Present
Department Curriculum Committee
August 2021-Present
Shared Research Operations Advisory Committee
March 5, 2018-Present