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Dr. Ram Shanmugam
Professor — School of Health Administration
ENC 262
phone: (512) 245-9772

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Dr. Ram Shanmugam is a Honorary Professor of International Studies in the School of Health Administration (SOHA). The students nominated him as a favorite professor. He is an elected fellow of the International Statistical Institute for his research contributions. He serves in many committees for the SOHA, College of Health Professions, Texas State University, healthcare and statistics related organizations. He is the Editor-in-Chief of three international journals and serves in the editorial board of a dozen national and international journals. He is a panel member and reviewer of NSF, NIH, NASA and other agencies.

Teaching Interests

Biostatistics, multivariate data analysis, decision making, econometrics among others.

Research Interests

He has been active researcher in the topics of healthcare, engineering, applied science, data envelopment, patterns of earthquake, and anthropology.

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Beauvais, B. M., Kruse, C. S., Fulton, L. V., Brooks, M. S., Lee, K. A., Ramamonjiarivelo, Z. H., … Mileski, M. (2021). Testing Kissick’s Iron Triangle - Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of a Practical Theory. Healthcare, 9(12), 1753. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare9121753
  • Shanmugam, R. (2021). Restricted Prevalence Rates of COVID-19’s Infectivity, Hospitalization, Recovery, Mortality in the USA and Their Implications. Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research, 1–11. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1007/s41666-020-00078-0
  • Shanmugam, R., Fulton, L., Ramamonjiarivelo, Z., Betancourt, J., Beauvais, B., Kruse, C. S., & Brooks, M. S. (2021). A Report Card on Prevention Efforts of COVID-19 Deaths in US. Healthcare, 9(1175), 1–13. https://doi.org/doi.org/ 10.3390/healthcare9091175
  • Chattamvelli, R., & Shanmugam, R. (2021). Continuous Distributions in Engineering and the Applied Sciences - Part II. USA: Morgan & Claypool is the publisher of the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science (launched Fall 2005). https://doi.org/DOI: 10.2200/S01108ED1V01Y202106MAS043
  • Brooks, M. S., Beauvais, B. M., Kruse, C. S., Fulton, L. V., Mileski, M., Ramamonjiarivelo, Z. H., … Lieneck, C. H. (2021). Accreditation and Certification: Do They Improve Hospital Financial and Quality Performance? Healthcare, 9, 887. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare9070887

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Fellow of American Statistical Association, American Statistical Association. April 2021 - Present
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Awardee of “Honorary Professor of International Studies” by Texas State University, 2016., Texas State University. May 1, 2016 - Present
  • Award / Honor Recipient: favorite professor. February 2015 - Present
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. January 1, 2015 - Present
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Invited services for the profession since 2004. January 1, 2015 - Present

Selected Grants

  • Fulton, Lawrence V (Principal), Biediger-Friedman, Lesli M (Co-Principal), Qasem, Apan Muhammad (Co-Principal), Villagran, Melinda Morris (Co-Principal), Renick, Cecil O (Co-Principal), Mileski, Michael (Supporting), Ramamonjiarivelo, Zo H (Supporting), Sen, Keya (Co-Principal), Mendez, Francis A (Supporting), Charles, Joni S J (Supporting), Perez, Eduardo (Supporting), Shanmugam, Ram (Supporting), Stigler Granados, Paula Elaine (Supporting), Hwang, Sangchul Scott (Supporting). Nutrition for Underserved Elderly via Application (NUEVA), DHHS (Administration for Community Living, acl.gov), Federal, $3000000. (Submitted: March 10, 2022, Funded: August 2022 - August 2027). Grant.
  • Shanmugam, Ram (Principal). Library Research Grant, Texas State University-San Marcos, Institutional (Higher Ed), $1170. (Submitted: 2010). Grant.
  • Shanmugam, Ram (Principal). Helped Professor Selina Vasquez in Mathematics Department in a funded project as its consultant, Institutional (Higher Ed). (Submitted: 2008). Grant.
  • Shanmugam, Ram (Principal). Biostatistics Consultant to Dr. Charles Johnson Research Grant on Mental Health, Texas State University-San Marcos, $11275. (Submitted: 2005). Grant.
  • Shanmugam, Ram (Principal). Applied to Merrick Summer PowerPoint Project, Institutional (Higher Ed), $100. (Submitted: 2002). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Journal of Nutrition and Obesity
January 2020-Present
Editorial Review Board Member
Mathematics and Statistics
January 2020-Present
San Antonio Chapter, American Statistical Association
January 2020-Present
Editorial Review Board Member
International Journal of Scientific Reports
May 2019-Present
College Tenure & Promotion Committee