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Dr. Anthony Deringer
Assistant Professor — Dept of Health & Human Performance
JOW A116
phone: (512) 245-2561

Biography Section

Biography and Education

Dr. Deringer is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University in the Recreation Administration division. Prior to academia, Dr. Deringer lead backpacking, climbing, and river trips and was the administrator for several outdoor recreation programs. His work experience inspired him to conduct research in the area of human interactions with nature. Recent research project topics include mindfulness in outdoor recreation, nature connection, and virtual nature experiences.

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Griffin, L. K., Meaney, K. S., & Deringer, S. A. (2020). “Until I’m Just Too Old to Turn the Pedals”:  Exploring Motivational Characteristics of Participants in a High School Mountain Bike Program. Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership, 12, 397–408. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.18666/JOREL-2020-V12-I4-10182
  • Deringer, S. A., Martinez, G. P., Dussler, M. R., & Morreale, A. (2023). A pedagogy of place in a contested border region: an ethnographical examination of student experiences. Journal of Experiential Education, 46(4), 390–411.
  • Campano, M. A., Langdon, S. G., Hodges, J., & Deringer, S. A. (n.d.). That special time of the month: Menstruation and feminine hygiene in college outdoor recreation programs. Journal of Experiential Education. https://doi.org/doi.org/10.1177/10538259231189171
  • Rabinowitz, E., Leonard, A., Ewert, A., Schwartz, F., & Deringer, S. A. (2022). The COVID-19 effect: Examining organizational resilience in outdoor adventure and experiential education. Journal of Outdoor Recreation Education and Leadership, (14), 101–115. https://doi.org/10.18666/JOREL-2022-11593
  • Leonard, A., Ewart, A., Lieberman-Raridon, K., Mitten, D., Rabinowitz, E., Deringer, S. A., … Anderson, I. (2022). Outdoor adventure and experiential education and COVID-19: What do we know? Journal of Experiential Education, 45(3), 233–255. https://doi.org/doi: 10.1177/10538259211050762

Selected Awards

  • Award / Honor Recipient: Presidential Distinction Award in Service. August 2023
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Presidential Distinction Award in Service. August 2021
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Presidential Distinction Award in Service. August 2020
  • Award / Honor Recipient: College Achievement Award for Teaching, Texas State University. May 2019
  • Award / Honor Recipient: Favorite Professor Award: The Alfred H. Nolle Chapter of Alpha Chi Honor Society. August 2018 - December 2018

Selected Grants

  • Kipp, Lindsay E. (Principal), Griffin, Luther Kent (Co-Principal), Deringer, Stephen Anthony (Co-Principal), Mettler, Joni A (Co-Principal), Forsythe, Michelle Elizabeth (Co-Principal). Enhancing mental and physical health of children and adolescents through innovative afterschool programs, College of Education Social Innovation Research Accelerator, Texas State University, $13396. (Submitted: October 2019, Funded: January 2020 - May 2022). Grant.
  • Griffin, Luther Kent, Deringer, Stephen A (Co-Principal), Thomas, Krista A. Spring Lake Outdoor Education Program, State of Texas, $49276.31. (Funded: May 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020). Grant.
  • Griffin, Luther Kent, Deringer, Stephen Anthony (Co-Principal). San Marcos High School Mountain Bike Program, San Marcos Commission on Children and Youth, Municipal, $2000. (Funded: April 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020). Grant.
  • Deringer, Stephen Anthony. Service Learning Mini Grant, Texas State University, $500. (Funded: December 2023). Grant.
  • Deringer, Stephen Anthony, Griffin, Luther Kent. Improving Ecological Behavior Through Virtual Reality Of Nature, Texas State University, $14000. (Funded: January 1, 2023 - Present). Grant.

Selected Service Activities

Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Search
January 2024-Present
Undergraduate Advisor
August 2023-Present
Graduate Advisor
August 2023-Present
Alumni Committee
Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership Advisory Board